From drawing of plants to plant systematics

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Kobuzeva Irina, Sokolova Elena, Teachers in the in-depth Biology studying class at School No 57, Moscow | 27/09/13 | Moscow

We would like to present our experience, which may be interesting to teachers not only in secondary education, but also in primary schools.

During three months we conducted a natural science study group for schoolchildren of 4th level (10-11 years) in Moscow school No 57. The students in the group compiled plant determinants.  

The object chosen for our investigation was the leaf plate, because this part of plant is the most easily accessible for investigation and drawing. At our disposal was the herbarium of wood plant leaves  (about 30 species) collected in Abkhazia by students of 9th level of school No 57, whose contribution to the group’s work was highly appreciated.

The work on the plant determinant started from the drawing of leaf plates. The students learned the secrets a scientific drawing by making drawings of the shape and nervation of leaf plates. This process was linked to the study of several subtropical plant species, such as  Liriodendron tulipifera, Magnolia virginiana, Nerium oleander, Laurus sp. etc.   

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